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  • ㆍCGNTV is the Missionary Network for Korean missionaries and Immigrants in all around the world
  • ㆍCGNTV is the Educational Network for ministers, missionaries, and leaders in all around the world
  • ㆍCGNTV is the Cultural Network for help our world to become more pure and build healthy society
  • ㆍCGNTV is the Customized Mission Network for all nation to spread the word of God in every languages

CGNTV will go anywhere around the world though satellite and Internet.
The places where there are so isolated so it was unreachable,
The places where our missionaries feel lonely and desperately seeking for a Good News,
The places where discrimination is still the issue based on color, language, environment, and social status.
CGNTV will try to find them and reach them anytime and anywhere by satellite broadcasting (24/7).

CGNTV initial vision was “Mission & Education Network” to serve Korean missionaries and Korean emigrant
to provide their spiritual needs 24/7. Therefore CGNTV started as internet broadcasting in October, 2000. than evolved
into satellite broadcasting in 2005. On March 29th, 2005 CGNTV launched head office in Seoul Korea and following
August 27th, USA branch office in Los Angeles California has launched in Korean. In expansion, October 30th ~31st,
2006 CGNTV launched Tokyo and Osaka Japan branch office in Japanese. Than January 1st, 2008 CGNTV started to broadcast in Chinese to fulfill the vision of “Customized Mission Network.” And CGNTV is currently in progress
of expanding our vision into Middle South America and CGNTV Latino was launched in April 2008

Currently, CGNTV has 5 satellites and using 8 satellite beams to cover Korea and LA America region.
And Channel 1; Korean (Multi-language), Channel 2; Japanese, and Channel 3; Chinese can be viewed with NSS-6 satellite which covers North East Asia region. Also CGNTV can be viewed by cable within a number of areas in Korea. Separate programs are formed for CGNTV US to fit more suitable for the viewers in America.

Alternative ways to watch CGNTV contents is to via internet . All of our video programs (VOD) and internet radio contents are updated regularly thru the internet for free of charge at any time. Furthermore, CGNTV is endlessly evolving to expand our vision and viewers. Endeavor to fit next generation media which are IPTV and Mobile Service of QT for Christians living busy daily lives.
CGNTV is solely operated by generous offerings and heroically keep the fire upon the altar each and every day!

CGNTV try to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God as our LORD required of us to be.
CGNTV produces “Delightful Contents” to spread “Hope” and “Peace” to the world. Consequently CGNTV will continue to pursuit “Peace to World” by realize Global Network of all Christians in the world to pursuit of God's mission as to make disciples of all men till the day Christ Comes.

CGN B/D 185-4 Seobinggodong, Yongsangu, Seoul
Tel. 02-796-9800   Fax. 02-749-6638
Satellite Installation Information: 02-796-1118, 3118