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  • 2000-2005
  • 2006-2007
  • 2008

October, 2000

Internet Broadcasting Station established, Program launched
Took a first step in 21st century, the era where all the media is turning into digital, with our vision “Digital World & Everlasting Church” held high. The internet broadcasting system was established and variety of services and programs began to air.

March 29, 2005

Establishment of CGNTV
Kick-off of CGNTV, the Missionary Educational Broadcasting. Through CGNTV our vision is to change the world, building next generation church in Non-Christian countries, and bring world as one body through gospel and education. CGNTV commence to broadcast variety of contents through satellite to the world’s 8 region, 123 countries, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

March 2005/ September 2005

Commencement of 1st & 2nd ‘Dream-On’ Campaign and installation of Antennas to non-Christian countries
CGNTV commence to installing antennas to Korean missionaries who are in neglected area and are desperately need for spiritual and longed for Korean culture, language, and information. The campaign is continues to operate with hope to build church in non-Christian countries.

August 2005

Establishment of CGNTV US
CGNTV US was established in Los Angeles, US soon after the CGNTV Korea was established. It is to be an advance base later for North America, South America, and Europe region. There various programs are produced in Korean and English to target Korean missionaries, Koreans immigrants in overseas, second generation of immigrants, and Korean churches

May 2006

Commencement of 3rd ‘Dream-On’ Campaign with WKMF
Following the 1st & 2nd ‘Dream-On’ campaign, the 3rd ‘Dream-On’ campaign with WKMF (World Korean Missionary Fellowship) has commenced. Its aim was to installing antenna to 14,000 Korean missionaries in all around the world. Missionaries themselves took charge of this campaign which made this campaign more meaningful.

June 2006

CGNTV US took control over to transmit signal by them
US Transmission Center is currently operating 7 channels which use automatic transmitting system which enables to send signals directly to all over the world. Using Pacific Ocean’s undersea fiber-optic cable, CGNTV Korea able to receives and transmits high-quality program source along with self-produced programs to North and South America and Europe region in LA time zone.

June 2006

Commenced trial broadcasting in Japan
Prior to establishment of CGNTV Japan, CGNTV have broadcasted in Northeast Asia region through channel 2 as trial. CGNTV started to broadcast about 20 programs (Worship, Sermon, Seminars, and Children’s programs) for 4 hours a day (6pm to 10 pm) to 12 hours a day with all in local language.

September 2006

Local Broadcasting Headquarter to Operate
CGNTV agreed to collaborate with Hosanna Church in Busan, Wolguang Community Church in Gwangju, Joyful Church in Pohang, and Shinkwuang Church in Iri, and established a local broadcasting headquarters in those four major cities in Korea. CGNTV is panning to work as network to achieve more variety through self-produced local programs.

October 2006

Establishment of CGNTV Japan
CGNTV Japan is established so that is more appropriate for Japan themselves. Since the establishment, CGNTV Japan is focusing on expanding the supply of antenna and to evolve local network within Japan, holding such conference like “Love Sonata.”

February 2007

Establishment of Osaka Headquarters
CGNTV Japan has established Osaka headquarters following from the Tokyo. They will be in charge of Kansai region including Okinawa, which was the starting point of “Love Sonata” along with Tokyo. Osaka Headquarters is currently self-producing and broadcasting programs that are more suitable to local conditions.

March 2007

Medical support agreement for missionaries with Myong-Ji Hospital
To expand His Kingdom through medical practices to increase the preservation of health of missionaries abroad in overseas, CGNTV have agreed to collaborate with Myong-Ji Hospital, College of Medicine, Kwan-Dong University.

April 2007

Joint ceremony with Hallelujah Soccer Team and Donated Bus
Onnuri Church and CGNTV donated a brand new bus to the Hallelujah soccer team and celebrate with Hallelujah soccer team who will be entering the Korean Soccer League in 2008.

June 2007

Trial broadcasting have commenced in Chinese
Following with CGNTV Japan, CGNTV have commenced trial broadcasting in Chinese to spread Gospel deeper into Asia. This opportunity is to bring the Chinese speaking district to reach Gospel closer into their heart, and further more, to promote evangelism in India and Arab region. Programs were aired 6 hours a day from 6pm to 12 pm through channel 3, and 24 hour starting from June 25th 2007 and trial program was commenced from August.

July 2007

Tokyo Love Sonata was Broadcasted Live
Love Sonata, was held in Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo, Japan. Participation of over 20,000 Japanese people was gathered to experience Joy and Miracle to celebrate our Loving God. CGNTV has broadcasted live and shared the joy with fellow Christians all around the world.

September 2007

Expanding ‘Dream-On’ Campaign: Begins the Periodic Support
‘From simple installing antenna to missionaries, ‘Dream-On’ campaign has expanded to launched a periodic support for broadcasting service. With the new ‘Dream-On’, CGNTV will support both the broadcasting service and supplying satellite antennas.

October 2007

Commence sending Satellite Beam IS-10
To expand the satellite reception area, CGNTV has switched to IS-10 satellite in October 1st, 2007. Now CGNTV can be viewed in 170 countries throughout the world including Africa, Mongolia, and Guam.

June 2008

CGNTV enters into Mobile service
Considering for our modern busy life-style, CGNTV enters into Mobile service to provide the Word of God more suitable and comfort to reach. This service is available for KTF and SKT users (Korean mobile service networks). The users can watch various Living Life (QT) programs and real-time programs of CGNTV.

June 2008

Commencing of CGNTV Chinese Production Station
Starting with “Love Sonata-Taipei” the CGNTV Chinese production station has commenced in Taipei in February, 2008.

August 2008

Commencing CGNTV programs on C&M Cable
With commencing C&M Cable broadcasts, more viewers of the Metropolitan areas are allowed to adapt CGNTV programs.

October 2008

MOU with SK Broadband, and Commencing IPTV service
The Memorandum of Understanding with SK Broadband allows CGNTV to begin IPTV service on Broad & TV. CGNTV can congregate with viewers at real-time programs and also can provide with much more various contents through VOD service.

October 2008

Establishment of CGNTV Latina
CGNTV Latina is established with purpose to assist ministers in Latin America where more than 80% of them do not have a formal education. CGNTV Latina can help train local leaderships and will help to expend the Kingdom of God in Latin America.