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CGNTV Aligned With Chunju Univ. & FEBC,
Synergy Effect for the Air Evangelism Expected
CGNTV, a satellite Gospel broadcasting service (Representative: Elder Son, HanGi) concluded the agreement on business-education cooperation with Chunju University (President: Elder Lee, Namsik) on the 14th, for professional Christian Broadcaster training and 'Traditional Culture Contents X-edu Corporation'. On the 19th, CGNTV will hold another business tie-up ceremony with Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) (President: Rev. Kim, Jang Hwan) for joint contents development.
With this partnership, CGNTV will offer Chunju University its executive members' participation in class lecture, internship opportunity for the students, on-the-job training for the faculty, and support developing employment programs for the graduates. On the other hand, the University will invest in training professional Christian Broadcasters, developing training programs for them, providing staff workshop and contract training for the industry, and developing joint curriculum.
Also, CGNTV and FEBC will work in close cooperation to make the best use of both companies' advantages for the common goal of the effective air evangelism. For this purpose, they will share broadcasters and equipments as well as various other resources, focus on contents exchange and joint development, collaborate in marketing and PR.
CGNTV representative Son, HanGi said "These agreements will serve as a momentum to open a new era of global broadcast evangelism with the maximized synergy effect for the air evangelism as well as with the growth of Christian cultural contents industry." He also said with emphasis "Above all, we will present a model in uniting and serving one another to expand the Kingdom of God."
Since its launch in March 29, CGNTV has been making efforts like worldwide real-time satellite broadcasting, building network connecting the mission fields with mission agencies, and contents supply for pastoral and mission work, in order to be a spiritual supply base for the 12 thousand Korean missionaries, 6.5 million Koreans abroad, and the many dependent churches inside and outside of the nation.
by reporter, Ham, Tea Kyung.
(Gook-Min Il Bo,  May 2005.)