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  • Current Broadcasting & Production status
Broadcasting Status June 2009 (monthly average)
Broadcasting rating Rerun rating Program SB SPOT
53% 47% 80% 20%

Number of Broadcasted Programs: over 1,200 programs (Standard : 720 hours/one months)

Production Status
CGNTV Program Production Balance (June 2009)
Channel\Item Total Number of Production Toal Production Time Number of Program
Korea CGNTV 606 321 129
Japan CGNTV 371 134 74
America CGNTV 587 304 110
China CGNTV 267 151 71
Operating Facilities
Video Studio 3 Studio 1, Studio 2 (News, Talks), Assembly Room (Video equipment prepared)
Recording Studio 3 Recording Room, Integrated Sound Programming Room, Dubbing Room
Main Control Room 2 5 channel transmission system
Second Control Room 1 Video Broadcasting Equipment (1 set) Filming/ Lighting/ Sounding Equipment
Programming Room 2 Linear/non-Linear programming equipment
SNG 1 Satellite broadcasting vehicle