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CGNTV Korea Headquarters

Address CGNTV Building 185-4 Seobinggodong Yongsangu Seoul 140-240
Tel. +82-2-796-9800
Fax +82-2-749-6638

CGNTV Customer Center

Satellite Contact Number +82-2-796-1118, 3118
Support Contact Number +82-2-796-2243
Internet Contact Number +82-2-3275-9216

by Subway
Get off at Seobinggo Station and exit toward Banpo Bridge. Walk toward the northern part of Banpo Bridge for about 200m, and you will see CGNTV building across the road, right below the Banpo Bridge.
by Bus
Take Bus Lines 0211, 6211, 0015, 0013, 0014
by Car
+Coming from Kangnam
Cross over the Banpo Bridge than take a U-turn in front of the US Armed Forces. Do not go up back up to Banpo Bridge, take the lower road than you will CGNTV Building is on your right.   
+Coming from Hannamdong
Drive toward Yongsan at Hannamdong crossroads, then take the road on the right side of Gangbyunbookro entrance. If you pass the three way under the Banpo Bridge, you will see CGNTV Building on your right.